Glenkelso Galloway Stud


The Glenkelso Galloway Stud (blacks and duns) was founded in 1968 with the purchase of Swatchfield and Bukalong joined cows and the bull, Starvation Nob Goliath.

Additional females, joined and with calves at foot, were purchased at the Big Tinderry dispersal sale and more Swatchfield and Tandara cows were bought when the Tandara Stud dispersed.

All cattle purchased were direct descendants of the original importations of Galloways into Australia in the 1950's.


In 1973 Glenkelso imported 10 joined cows from New Zealand, selected from the Blairich, Canaan Downs, Lawton, Lynton Downs and Paparoa Studs.

In addition to the cows the black bull, Oliver of Fork Farm and dun bull, Alexander of Canaan Downs were included in the shipment.

In 1974 the dun bull, Universe of Merrick was imported from New Zealand and went on to be judged Grand Champion Galloway at the Melbourne Royal Show in 1975.

The combination of the Australian and New Zealand proved to be an excellent combination for Glenkelso.

Closed Herd 

Glenkelso Galloways has remained a closed herd to the introduction of stud bulls since the importation of Universe in 1974.

This has placed the stud in a unique position of having all animals with original scottish ancestry as no North American sires have been used. 

General Information

The Glenkelso herd has maintained its breeding objectives to keep to traditional Galloways and paying particular attention to the following important genetic traits: ease of calving; fertility; temperament; hardiness; cost; structural correctness and performance. All cattle have been performance recorded since 1974 and are reared under natural commercial conditions.

Over the years the stud as successfully competed in carcase competitions, field trials, and shows. The highlight being Glenkelso Ian, who was the first Galloway bull to be Grand Champion at Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide Royal Shows.

Glenkelso Galloways is the largest black and dun Galloway stud in Australia. As at 30 June 1998, the Glenkelso stud herd comprised 360 pure bred (full blood) females and 12 stud bulls. These numbers are reduced because of drought.

Over recent years, Glenkelso has focused on the commercial side of the beef industry whilst still maintaining all pedigree records. 

Recently, the stud has joined the Tablerite domestic beef program which focuses on the top end of the domestic market through 4 Victorian abattoirs linked to selected retail outlets. Previously, one domestic works stated that Glenkelso Galloway cattle (steers and heifers) were the best cattle they processed. All steers and heifers are assessed and marketed to the processors requirements to meet the premium product specification.

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